30 Mar 2012
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Romania & Greece are the first countries in South East & Central Europe to launch Display Advertising on Skype!


Starting from April 2012, the hottest and most loved online chatting and videotalking platform where consumers intensively discuss with friends and family on travel, shopping and purchase decisions and also use it to connect with business partners and colleagues around the world, will be open for advertising through Thinkdigital.


SKYPE is one of the most popular Internet Communication platforms and one of the most powerful love brands in the world. Skype gives the opportunity to connect with more than 200 million consumers every month through video, text & voice.


SKYPE is the ideal environment for brands to communicate with young, business affluent, tech savvy and social audiences. An important sidenote is that the CEE & SE user base is constantly growing by varying percentage between 20-60% year on year.


The available Video and Click to Call advertising formats create engaging capabilities that increase a campaign’s efficiency.


Thinkdigital is the Official Sales Representative for SKYPE.