13 Sep 2013
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ThinkDigital, Authorized Partner of Facebook in Romania and 5 other CE & SE countries, will host, in collaboration with IMWorld, its annual “All Things Facebook” conference on the 10th of October.   Running for the 3rd year in a row, the conference will take place in Bucharest on the 2nd day of Internet & Mobile World 2013 and will bring together international and local experts to offer insights and share tips, trends & best practices in Facebook Marketing.   Among the confirmed keynote speakers are Facebook’s Serhad Bolucku and Weronika Sobolak, Angelique Shierz-Crusius, Global Digital Strategist at Capcom, and Paul Armstrong, Founder of Digital Orange Consulting.   Tickets for the “All Things Facebook” conference are available on www.imworld.ro. For custom offers, contact us at tickets@thinkdigital,net.