29 Mar 2012
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More than 300 marketing & advertising professionals participated in the _All Things Facebook Conference held on Tuesday 20th of March in Bucharest, Romania. The event was co-organized by Thinkdigital, Facebook’s Preferred Sales House in 6 countries in S.E. Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus and Albania) and Evensys.


For the first time a local conference held 3 (three) Facebook speakers that gave insightful data on Facebook advertising and depicted trends that will set the grounds for overall social media marketing. The conference was opened by Bruce Bale, Head of Sales CEEMEA, taking the audience through the key aspects of Facebook Marketing and how businesses & brands can have a place in a connected world. Robert Kiely and Sebastian Szmigielski, Account Managers EMEA, had the opportunity to present success case studies, targeting capabilities, best practices and useful resources for advertisers and brands. All speakers are part of the Facebook Global Marketing Solutions team.


Robert Pefanis, Regional Head of Sales, Thinkdigital covered the “all you need to know” on Facebook Reachblocks and Targetblocks, so that brands take full understanding and advantage of the advertising benefits offered through mass & demographic reach solutions by Facebook Premium.


During the event, the audience, most engaged and enthused, had the opportunity to also tune in latest local market news regarding Facebook, whereby esteemed local & regional speakers from advertising and marketing presented Case studies using marketing and branding activities giving inspiration, solutions and useful data on how to drive optimal use of the Facebook marketing and advertising. Participants had the opportunity to share ideas, tips and visions during the event and take home food for thought on how brands can better engage with consumers in a connected, social world.   


With more than 4,6 million users in Romania (almost 60% of total Romanian internet population), Facebook is a real phenomenon, and has changed the market map from just being a trend into a place for business, sharing, advertising.