Where’s my Facebook ROI”, was the title of Matt Owen’s keynote, which he delivered at last week’s AllThingsFacebook conference in Athens... By Dannos Tsakalos, Marketing Manager, TDG During his introduction, the Head of Social Media at Econsultancy, referred to a recent research by the Forrester Company according to which senior marketers were not satisfied with the value Facebook ads provided. Alas! Was it because, supposedly, Facebook is focusing too little on the thing marketers want most, i.e. driving genuine engagement between companies and their customers? Matt quickly shot down this argument by elaborating that it’s actually marketers’ fault that we haven’t capitalized on Facebook’s enormous potential as much as we could. Why? Because, well, the truth is that we’re still thinking about social the wrong way and sometimes our Facebook page looks like this:

So, what can we do in order to improve our effectiveness? For starters, we should keep in mind that users join Facebook to interact socially and have fun. Consider this: "Are you interrupting the flow of entertainment or are you being the entertainment?". Therefore, for a post or an advertisement to catch the attention of fans it should be interesting, entertaining and relevant. And one more thing: “Don’t forget to attribute results”. Because...

Interested in reading more tips? Check out Matt’s exciting presentation here. But first, how about offering you a dose of inspiration and handy insights from the rest of AllThingsFacebook's keynote speakers? Nice. Fasten your seatbelt and get ready for a trip to the place “where the breakthrough results are”.

Take advantage of Facebook’s colossal popularity among mobile users

As Anna Karakatsani, Managing Director of ThinkDigital in Greece, Cyprus and Albania, mentioned, there are almost half a billion daily mobile users globally. And you know what else is important? That the average fan is…

That is one of the reasons why around 75% of participants in a fresh AdAge survey agreed that marketing on Facebook's mobile app was "very" or "somewhat" important & why 56% of respondents outright said that they expected their Facebook ad budgets to increase over the next year.  

Focus on the metrics that matter

Creating a large community is the logical first step to take. However, as Vanina Leka, Sales Director of ThinkDigital, stated in her presentation titled “Vanity Metrics: Make Your Facebook Strategy Make Sense”, Social Media (and Facebook in particular) is a lot more than just generating “Likes”.

“Indeed, Facebook is not about ‘share of buzz’”, confirmed Serhad Bolukcu, Market Manager CEE, Facebook, before analyzing the three prerequisites for a (very) successful presence on the world's most popular social community.

In other words, first we need to define the objectives. Do we have a clear answer to these 3 questions?
  • What is the purpose of the marketing activity?
  • How does it tie back to business results?
  • Why does the CEO/CFO care?
Good! Then, we should identify the right KPIs and subsequently follow the right tactics. What's next? Well, chances are that ROI will make us smile because, when implemented the right way, Facebook is one of the most efficient marketing platforms in the world. For, from awareness and consideration to conversion and loyalty, Facebook can help you drive results across every level of the purchase funnel.

Learn from the campaign that took the awards shows by storm

Soon after, Tito Favino, Brand & Business International Director of Draftfcb London, talked about “Oreo Daily Twist”, a brilliant campaign that did not only triumph at the Facebook Studio Awards but also won a Cyber Grand Prix this year in Cannes! He described the marketing challenge the brand was facing: Born in 1912, Oreo was about to turn 100. And, when you’re that old, you might be loved and revered, but you can also be seen as old-fashioned. How to solve the paradox of using a centennial anniversary to actually rejuvenate Oreo? How to move from a brand for moms to a brand for everyone, and make it become so newsworthy that everyone would discuss it? It was a tough call. However... The idea was, instead of dwelling in the past, to tap into popular culture and communicate the very present. So, over the next 100 days, Oreo gradually established itself as a leader and pioneer in “real time” social media marketing. With great posts like this one:

What should other brands learn from this case study? Check out this delicious presentation and take into consideration Tito’s advice: “See Social as an opportunity to make your brand more ‘human’”.

And who knows? Maybe next time your brand will make it here and will impress not only your fans but also this special group of experts. ;) In the meantime, though, no matter whether you were one of the 300+ executives who attended AllThingsFacebook'13 in Athens, or not...

... we are more than willing to answer any questions you might have about Facebook Marketing and help you maximize your performance there. Where will you find us? At welisten@thinkdigital.net!