10 Mar 2016
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Athens, March 14th, 2016

Pierre Fabre, a major multinational pharmaceutical and cosmetics company, launched in the fall of 2015 their new anti-aging cream PhysioLift by Avène, a product that smooths pronounced wrinkles, firms and illuminates the skin.

The product needed a smart campaign to reach a mature target audience: urban women, 38+, a segment that must face a busy schedule, juggling between different roles and too many responsibilities, with almost no time left for itself.

Avène’s campaign objectives were to reach their target audience, the most multitasking audience as modern society depicted it, raise awareness for PhysioLift, create social media buzz and drive users to the POS. The solution found by Thinkdigital digital specialists was to bring real life stories of four busy women in front of its audience.

Avène PhysioLift addressed the above issue by illustrating the story of four women, aged 38-50, with busy day-to-day lives, following them around the city and documented how they go about their daily lives and how they spend their precious time.

The goal of each story is to showcase, no matter their relationship with time and aging, that the moments of every day are accompanied by PhysioLift to help them feel relaxed and young, to help them reset, as they take their journey of life.

With the help of Daily Secret, four videos were created and hosted in the specially designed mini-site www.nikistetohrono.gr, where users are able to meet our protagonists, learn about them and follow them during their everyday lives. The campaign website hosts also a contest, users being able to register with a code placed on every PhysioLift package.

The message was amplified by shooting videos in collaboration with Daily Secret, using the product and distribute it through platforms like MSN, Skype, Outlook and Facebook, reaching more than 830k unique women on MSN, Skype and Outlook, and almost 7 million impressions with Facebook, Daily Secret and Microsoft.


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