05 Aug 2016

Those who are up to date with our campaigns know about the adventures of Nikoletta Ralli, a famous Greek TV personality, in February, in the of Orini Korinthia mountains. She was trekking, kayaking, and camping alone, sharing with us her day-to-day whereabouts in the first "GranEscape" getaway. The videos and more info about this are available here.

The successful campaign for GranCereale, a brand launched in Greece in 2010, continued this june with a summer version which followed the outdoor adventures of Nikoletta Ralli and a fellow traveler in the island of Santorini. The Gran Cereale fans participated in a mini contest in order to accompany Nikoletta to Santorini and vote for the outdoor activities that took place.

What happened in Santorini is available on a mini site that hosts 4 videos revealing “The Gran Escape” adventures on the Greek island that included scuba diving, kayaking, rock climbing, volcano trekking and more.

Moreover, the mini site is hosting a contest to win a trip to Santorini and more, and became a mini guide on history and civilizations, beaches and things to do on the island.

Here are the campaign videos.

Campaign Website: www.grancereale.gr/thegranescape Download Case Study: Here. See all our Case Studies: Here