“Give Risk a Chance” was the theme of Athens Creativity Conference '13, which we attended recently and one phrase that stood out was that “nowadays, it is, in fact, riskier not to take risks!”

By Vivi Papadomichelaki & Anastasia Alexopoulou, Business Development, ThinkDigital

Most speakers agreed that we should be taking risks. Nonetheless, the truth is that “risk” is a word that scares clients away. And it seems that, either due to lack of knowledge or because of the fear that new risks entail, clients tend to choose, prefer and often stick to ideas that might have worked in the past or still generate some decent results. But is this enough and how risky is a “risky” idea anyway?

Well, it’s up to us to make the client feel more comfortable and safer, isn’t it? If we do our research, take advantage of the insights and present a well-thought plan that respects the client’s objectives, then the perceived level of risk will most likely be too low to prevent the client from saying “no” to your proposal.

What else is required in order to turn “risk” into “opportunity” in the eyes of a client? As Ian Haworth, Global Chief Creative Officer of Rapp, said:

Exactly! We should learn our clients’ brand values, cherish them and make them our own. We need to know the product and the brands’ core business and get as passionate as the client! If we all do this, if we all prove to our clients that we respect them and we care about their business, well, chances are they will trust us more and embrace our ideas no matter how crazy these might sound.

But also, be honest with them. We shouldn’t be afraid of telling them our true opinion. This is why we are getting paid after all. Because we are the experts. And you know what? Critics are right. We are not doctors, we are not going to save the world –even though Al Gore thinks otherwise.

However, we are proud that we are part of an industry that not only makes clients happy but also combines the power of creativity with the latest technologies to create innovations like this one...

… or shares real “every-day” stories that give goose bumps and inspire:

Advertising can be fascinating, useful and effective. So, let’s push the reset button. Let’s stop implementing what has been successfully done before, stop worrying about the status quo, bring that childhood craziness back and we just might do a great job.

Thank you Athens Creativity Conference!