09 Jul 2013
in News
ThinkDigital introduces “Viewed Ads” to the greek market, thus fueling the further growth of Online Advertising and its increasingly pivotal role in the marketing mix.   Up until now, advertisers would buy impressions, which however may not have been viewed by users – according to a worldwide survey by DG MediaMind, only 63% of online advertisements are in fact viewed.   Thanks to ThinkDigital's “Viewed Ads”, brands will be able to gauge how many impressions are actually viewable and, in due course, to pay just for those, something which could boost the effectiveness of their investment by 20-30%.   The Viewability metrics are already available for campaigns that are using the MediaMind platform, while, in the very near future, clients will have the opportunity to buy viewable impressions from ThinkDigital’s exclusive network of premium websites and niche Audience Channels.   To reap the clear benefits of "Viewed Ads", contact us now at sales-hub@thinkdigital.net.