14 Mar 2013
in News
Facebook unveiled the brand new version of News Feed, which includes major changes in its design and functionality, thus confirming, once again, that it is a network which listens to its users and keeps evolving.   Having recognized that the Web is becoming increasingly image-centric -as Mark Zuckerberg stated, “almost 50% of the content in News Feed already consists of visual content”- the redesigned News Feed will be showing photos and videos much bigger.   Another noteworthy feature is the chance that users will have to toggle between different feeds of information by topic. For instance, by selecting the “Following” feed, users will see all the latest posts from the business pages and the public figures they follow.   What are, therefore, the main opportunities the redesigned News Feed offers to brands? Thinkdigital, Authorised Partner of Facebook in 6 countries, has summarized everything you need to know about News Feed and you can find it on our blog!   Facebook