07 Nov 2013
in News

Facebook has launched Newsfeed Target Block, a premium advertising format, which enables advertisers to effectively target the fans of their preference with large, high impact creatives.

Available both on desktop and mobile, Newsfeed Target Block runs over a 3-day period in Facebook’s most engaging place. However, the main reason why this is considered a great tool for advertisers is because, unlike any other format, it offers advanced targeting solutions. For instance, a company can now address females aged 18-34, who visit Facebook from their mobile phone.

Newsfeed Target Block, which, at its best, gives brands the chance to combine the high reach of TV with the relevance of Online Advertising, is available in Greece, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Cyprus exclusively through ThinkDigital, Authorized Partner of Facebook in the region.

To find out more about the targeting options of Facebook’s brand new ad format, contact sales-net@thinkdigital.net.