27 Nov 2012
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The “Log-Out Experience” is the new premium advertising proposition by Facebook and is readily available for clients in Greece, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Albania, exclusively through Thinkdigital, Facebook’s Official Sales Representative in those countries.     This is a product that offers brands the chance to engage with fans when they have completed their Facebook “journey” and, thus, are more willing to respond to advertising messages and are about to actively seek new content. Most importantly, though, the exposure and the impact of the campaign can be considerably high, as the rich media creative takes over the log-out screen that users see after they have left the site.   Gianluca Ena & Sebastian Szmigielski from Facebook delved into the product, providing more information as well as a series of case studies, at the AllThingsFacebook ’12 conference, which was co-hosted by Thinkdigital and took place on November 30 in Athens, Greece.   For more information, please contact: sales-hub@thinkdigital.net.   Log out Experience