I have no idea whether Mark Zuckerberg has ever read of Heraclitus, but, for sure, Facebook, his brainchild, is the embodiment of the ancient greek philosopher’s phrase “Ta panta rei” (Everything flows, nothing remains still).

By Dannos Tsakalos, Marketing Manager, TDG

If Facebook Marketing is one of your fields of interest, you know what I mean. From the constant stream of updates to the introduction of new formats, mastering Facebook is not easy as there’s always something new to be explored and learned. But this is a welcome challenge for everyone at ThinkDigital. And we kind of feel this is our responsibility, being the preferred Partner of Facebook in 6 european countries, to educate the market and help clients get the most out of their investment in the world’s most popular social network.

That is why, among others things, we release whitepapers, share case studies and post on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Slideshare. But the project we are most proud of is our annual “AllThingsFacebook” conference, which brings together hundreds of senior marketers and agency executives to hear top-notch speakers from all over the world share tips and best practices about Facebook Marketing.

ATFB in Bucharest...

The latest edition of our event took place a few weeks ago in Romania, as part of the Internet & Mobile World 2013. And as this photo indicates, in terms of attendance, it was definitely a success.

But let's focus on what is important and that's the insights and the advice offered by the experts. So, without further ado, here are a few interesting quotes from the keynote speakers of the day:

“Why Facebook matters for your business”

Weronika Sobolak, Client Partner CEE Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook:

- “The average Facebook reach for narrowly targeted campaigns is 91%.”

- “Every day, more time is spent on Facebook than anywhere else on mobile.”

"Strategy on Facebook"

Serhad Bolucku, CEE Market Manager, Facebook:

- “ Find the right KPIs / goals / targets and narrow down to the most important

- “ Do not silo Facebook or digital activity. Connect paid, owned & earned Marketing.

Andrei Ursuleanu, Sales Director, ThinkDigital:

- "Maximization is what we do with the tools we have. Facebook has what it takes to build an effective strategy. So, it's up to us to use these tools right.We are like an orchestra conductor and our job is to make sure we take the most of each instrument so as to create a harmonious melody."

"Performance Marketing on Facebook"

Serhad Bolucku, CEE Market Manager, Facebook:

- “From Awareness and Consideration to Conversion and Loyalty, Facebook drives marketing results at every level of the purchase funnel.

- “What many people use today is a ‘last-touch attribution model’. But last-touch attribution is like watching a soccer game and only seeing the shots on goal – the last kick.

Alina Petri, Country Manager, ForestView Romania

- "Use very specific target features, split them in clusters and optimize within each cluster."

“The Good, the Bad & the Ugly of Social Commerce”

Paul Armstrong, Founder, Digital Orange Consulting:

- “Think ‘tbd’.‘Can they do what am I asking?’ (technology), ‘Will they do what I am asking?’ (behavior), “Will enough of them do what am I asking?’ (data).

"Learnings from the Resident Evil case study"

Angelique Schierz-Crusius, Global Digital Strategist, Capcom

- "All your content needs to be mobile friendly, even your offline activity!"

- "Social  integration is vital, but always remember where your rich content is consumed!"

Next stop: Athens

On the 25th of November, some of Europe’s most pioneering Facebook marketers will travel to Athens in order to take the stage at AllThingsFacebook. Speakers like…

-          Tito Favino, Brand & Business International Director at Draftfcb London, who will share behind-the-scenes insights about “Oreo Daily Twist”, the campaign that triumphed not only in Cannes but also at the Facebook Studio Awards.

-          Matt Owen, who looks after Econsultancy’s global social media strategy and architecture, whereas he works with a global community of 200,000+ digital marketers daily across a variety of social channels.

-          Jerry Daykin, European Social Media Manager of Mondelez International, a true Facebook Marketing powerhouse.

-          Sebastian Szmigielski, Agency Partner CEE, Facebook

-          Serhad Bolukcu, Market Manager CEE, Facebook, who will deliver the keynote titled “Social is not an objective: Building Facebook into your Marketing Strategy”

We asked Serhad to give us a “teaser” of what he is going to talk about and here is what he replied: “If you think that a Facebook strategy is all about fans and engagement, I am coming to Athens to change that. From objective setting to KPIs and tactics, this session will be about principles and practical examples on how to build Facebook into a holistic marketing strategy.

Exciting stuff, so, we can't wait for the day to arrive! If you are eager to attend "AllThingsFacebook", come and talk with us at the ThinkDigital stand. For, as I mentioned in the beginning, we are here to listen to your objectives and help you optimize your Facebook presence.

P.S. In case you can't make it, don't worry. We'll share lots of content with you during and after the event. Just stay tuned and keep Thinking Digital.