18 Jan 2012
in News

A new Facebook advertising format: “Facebook Expanded Premium Ads” is now available through Thinkdigital.  Expanded Premium Ads put the advertiser's message in front of the ideal audience maximizing the advertising effectiveness. According to Facebook, the new format can be as much as 40% more engaging and 80% more likely to be remembered than.


Expanded Premium Ads turn an update (status/post) published in the Advertiser’s News Feed into an ad unit, and append social context about friends who Like that Page to the top of the unit.


It thereby creates a bigger, more compelling ad unit that includes the trusted recommendation of a friend that can be targeted to any Facebook user.


This readily available format brings new advertising and targeting opportunities to the market. Thinkdigital can provide insights and best practices for the advertisers that are ready to adopt Facebook new Social media features and engage with their customers in a more effective, creative and innovative way.