"or another reason why this should be the ‘year of Mobile’ for your brand"!

By Dannos Tsakalos, Marketing Manager, Thinkdigital Group

Unless you are a past neighbor of… Chuck Noland or a hardcore Luddite, chances are that you‘ve already read the news that “the number of daily Facebook users on mobile exceeded daily Web users for the first time’’, right?

Yes, it’s quite impressive that 680 million active users are now using mobile devices in order to visit Facebook –this represents a 57.4% increase compared to last year. On the other hand, this is hardly “breaking news”.  For, evidently, the smartphone has gradually evolved into people’s best friend –sorry dogs. It’s the first thing that welcomes you with a “good morning” greeting (and a bunch of new emails) every day. We are carrying it with us, always and everywhere and it’s not a hyperbole to declare that it has become an extension of ourselves, as well as a valuable partner in personal and professional level.

Think digital, think mobile

Mobility is redefining not only our lives, but also the global economy –e.g. mobile payments are growing exponentially and worldwide sales of smartphones are expected to reach 800m units in 2013. It’s not a “privilege” of the most affluent markets anymore, it is a universal phenomenon. Take, for instance, the 6 (smaller & bigger) markets where Thinkdigital operates in. Mobile penetration among Facebook users is already quite high and is constantly on the rise (data available from October 2012).

So, given Mobile’s growing popularity across the globe (and the SE and CEE region in particular), will people start talking –beware, cliché on the way- about THE year of the Mobile” in Advertising? Knowledge of the… Chinese horoscope is not our strongest point, however, we, at Thinkdigital, believe that there are multiple ways for brands to effectively connect with mobile users. Let’s focus on one of these, ok?

Facebook’s “Mobile Target Block”

Please allow us to introduce “Mobile Target Block”, Facebook’s latest premium advertising solution. Available exclusively by Thinkdigital, Authorized Partner of Facebook in 6 countries, this product gives brands the opportunity to reach, over a 3-day period, a massive audience of users on people’s most personal device. How? Well, for starters, it guarantees that advertisers enjoy a high impact spot at the top of the mobile Newsfeed, which is regarded the most engaging place on Facebook for brands.

This means that, thanks to “Mobile Target Block” you will be at the center of attention…

… and that you will be able to maximize your presence and stand out in a placement that can be up to 8 times more engaging for page posts than the right-hand side of desktop.

So, why should you contact Thinkdigital, apart from the fact that we are the sole provider of Facebook’s premium advertising in the region and, thus, the only ones offering Full Scope Advertising Services? Because, to put it simply, we are passionate about Facebook Marketing. We feel it, we breathe it. And, as their preferred Partner, we understand the medium better than anyone else and we’ll help you build an efficient and holistic strategy.

Therefore, if you would like to learn how you could integrate Facebook (on Mobile or Web) more effectively into your mix, why don’t you give us a shout at sales-hub@thinkdigital.net? We’d love to hear from you.

(Photo copyright: Ashleigh D)

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