You know how you find a great job opening, you attach your CV to some form, maybe write a short cover letter (yes, to separate yourself from all the other “ignorant” applicants) and then wait –either a long time, or forever- for THE phone call “We are interested to see you in an interview TOMORROW”..? Well, this is kinda that story. Kinda. By Anastasia Alexopoulou, one of the Digital Thinkers It is about a small group of young people, hand-picked to form the Digital Thinkers. But first things first; and I’m going to tell the story from my point of view. The job opening was for an apprentice in the Think Digital Group, initially entailing three openings and although I did attach my CV, there was a surprise. I was to answer a questionnaire, more like “elaborate on the following”. Don’t be fooled; these weren’t your typical interview questions! For example, and my personal favorite: “You wake up, but you have no idea who you are or what you do. Still, you seem to be optimistic about the future! Please, elaborate why.” So, this is already a hint that things are done differently here, should I get the interview. OK, things were done differently here regardless of me getting the interview. It’s obvious these guys are really thinking outside the box –besides doing it digitally of course! And I get THE call! After the first interview I am most certain they have hidden that box somewhere they themselves don’t even remember! And I get THE call! Well, no, I haven’t quite got the job yet… I get the call for the second interview. I am not going to elaborate on the boxes or the questions anymore. Let’s just say, I then get yet another call -I am done capitalizing the “THE” because, com’on, it’s still not the job. On the new appointed meeting, I am to complete two case studies, in order, in my opinion, to substantiate some analytical way of thinking and, more or less, ability of comprehending data. On the day, I also was told that the positions were now five instead of three. Ok, now we are done, right? Right! Obviously! This is the Digital Thinkers’ Blog and I am blogging for it. I am Anastasia Alexopoulou and I am a member of the Digital Thinkers Team! Oh, I forgot the catchy line: I GOT THE JOB! So, how was your experience in “getting the job”? Did you too have to pass tests and more than a few interviews in order to sneak in? (Photo: © Andreadams1974 | Stock Free Images & Dreamstime Stock Photos)