07 Apr 2016

On April 12th, Facebook will launch Instant Articles, a mobile publishing format that enables news publishers to distribute articles directly to Facebook's app. The visitor will not be leaving the Facebook app, and the article will be available without opening a browser window.

In other words, Instant Articles feature improves the way a publisher is using the biggest social network, switching from a distribution-only channel (the way Facebook was used over the past 2-3 years) to a distribution channel and a publishing platform having a monetization plan attached.

Instant Articles will be available for both the iOS (having an iPhone) and the Android users, the News Feed display of the articles can’t be influenced, the articles will be visible only using Facebook’s mobile app and it will work for any type of article, from usual coverage to big articles, with in-depth features.

You can continue to publish the same articles on your website and share the news on Facebook as you are already doing it, but as an emphasis Instant Articles will help publishers spread the news automatically to all Facebook users, ten times faster than the standard mobile web.

When can I start?

Instant Articles require an initial setup process (works faster for WordPress based platforms, due to the features WordPress is offering on this matter); publishers can automate Instant Articles production directly from their own content management systems.

When can you start? How does «now» sounds for you? As a regional sales representative of Facebook, we are already rolling out the implementation of Instant Articles feature for the top news websites across ThinkDigital’s Network.

Also, we can help you sell and serve our clients display ads inside Instant Articles. Moreover, one of the new features allows us to sell the unsold inventory monetization, displaying ads from Facebook's Audience Network.

Another news from Facebook is the launch of Canvas, the equivalent of Instant Articles in advertising. Canvas is offering a full screen of creative real estate, customized with video, images and text, in a fast-loading and mobile-optimized experience. You can use Canvas on your page, promoting clients or owned products and services. Read more about this on our blog.

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