20 Apr 2011
in News
Mediamind, the global provider of digital advertising solutions, released a new study titled “Financial Services: Making Smart Investments in Online Advertising.”   As the bulk of financial services moves online, online display advertising becomes a strategic marketing channel. Advertisers are making online display advertising the most important marketing channel in terms of investment for the industry.   More than 50% of global financial services impressions served by MediaMind advertised banking services, followed by homeowner and other insurance and car insurance. Credit Card companies are doing the best job of compelling users to respond to their ads and achieve the highest Conversion Rate and the highest Click Through Rate.   The research shows that users are most likely to convert after the first exposure to an ad when compared to subsequent impressions. One of the findings also was that using Rich Media ad formats, specifically those with video improves campaign performance. Rich Media more than triples Click Through Rate, as compared to Standard Banners and increases Conversion Rate. Video boosts CTR and Conversion Rate even further. You can read the whole report here.