31 Oct 2013
in News
Facebook announced today its third-quarter results, proving that it still reigns supreme and keeps exceeding expectations with its stellar performance.   The company reported advertising revenues close to $1.8 billion, up 65.6% compared to last year, with a 49% of that total coming from mobile, owing to a 480% increase.   Mobile did also fuel the growth in monthly active users, as it enjoyed a 44.7% boost that catapulted the number of users who visit Facebook through their mobile devices to 874 million.   Alex Karageorgis, Managing Director of ThinkDigital, which is the preferred partner of Facebook in 6 european markets, said: “Since last year, many leading companies have already included Mobile News Feed in their media mix and this trend is bound to continue. With Mobile emerging as a must-have ingredient, ThinkDigital is here to educate clients about the positive impact Mobile Advertising on Facebook can have on their ROI.”   In total, Facebook’s tally rose to 1.19 billion users – an 18% lift from Q3 2012- with Romania, Hungary, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania and Cyprus accounting for over 20 million.   To find out more about how you can take advantage of Facebook Mobile Advertising and integrate it effectively into your whole marketing strategy, contact us at sales-net@thinkdigital.net.