26 Mar 2012
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MediaMind, the global provider of digital advertising solutions, presented the results of its latest research study that examined 300,000 ad creatives to identify the highest-performing ones based on dwell rates (percentage of people who interact with the creative out of the total people exposed to it).   From the tiny Messenger Ad to the sizable Home Page Takeover, the right ad format can make a difference of up to 193% for your brand’s campaign. The 5 Ad Formats that consistently make a difference are:  
    1. Sidekick (http://www2.mediamind.com/creative_zone/Royal_Caribean/index.html): Elegantly push the publisher content aside to give the brand center stage. Dwell Rate: +60% to a polite banner.
    2. Pushdown(http://creativezone.mediamind.com/#ItemName=Buffalo%20Wild%20Wings): Loaded much like regular banners, when the user triggers the ad, the banner pushes down the publisher’s content, giving more space to the advertising message. Dwell Rate: +164% to a polite banner.
    3. Homepage Takeover (http://origin.demo.mediamind.com/Europe/Spain/demos/diesel/diesel_wp_msnent/>): Cover the full screen with your brand delivering an impactful experience favorite for launching new products and movies. Dwell Rate +32% to a polite banner.
    4. Messenger Adshttp://creativezone.mediamind.com/#ItemName=Nike%20Free%20Messenger%20Full%20Screen%20Banner): Deliver the entire brand experience within a banner without requiring a visit to the client’s website. Dwell Rate: +193% to a polite banner.
    1. Video Extender (http://creativezone.mediamind.com/#ItemName=CBS%20Sports%20for%20Motorola%20-%20Video%20Extender): A small button allows the user to drag and expand the video over content to any size, and the video continues to play while being resized. Dwell Rate: +103% to a polite banner.
      Thinkdigital is the Partner of MediaMind in S.E. Europe. Mediamind research.