07 Feb 2013
in News
Facebook has launched “Mobile Target Block”, a premium advertising product which gives brands the opportunity to reach, over a 3-day period, a massive audience of users on people’s most personal device.   The “Mobile Target Block” solution, which is available exclusively through Thinkdigital, Facebook’s Authorized Partner in 6 countries, guarantees that advertisers enjoy a high impact spot at the top of the mobile Newsfeed, which is regarded the most engaging place on Facebook for brands - 45% of comments and 65% of likes by mobile users occur there.   In Greece, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Albania and Cyprus, the users who visit Facebook through smartphones and tablets have now exceeded the 7.5 million mark in total, whereas, globally, according to Facebook’s latest report, mobile active users are 680 million, which represents a 57% increase compared to last year.   To find out more about how to take advantage of "Mobile Target Block", contact us at sales-hub@thinkdigital.net   Photo FMTB