19 Apr 2016

A healthy, fun and natural lifestyle is becoming a popular choice among women. Proper nutrition, outdoor activities and a bit of adventure are the ingredients to help confront their demanding everyday reality.

GranCereale, launched in Greece in 2010, perfectly combines high nutritional value with great taste and texture through a wide range of biscuits, cereal bars and rice cakes; a healthy pleasure for women who want to look and feel good.

In order to raise awareness for the whole GranCereale product range, their nutritional value and drive users to POS, in ThinkDigital we decided to place the product in the middle of the natural habitat and its audience, women between 25-44, who prefer a healthier life, exercise regularly, and take care of their diet without sacrificing the taste.

The “Gran Escape” is a one-month, multi-layered, outdoor adventure campaign with Nikoleta Ralli, a famous Greek TV persona, escaping the city onto a mountain adventure in Orini Korinthia, where she is trekking, kayaking, and camping alone, sharing with us her day-to-day whereabouts.

Users are able to read Nikoleta’s blog posts, track her experiences on her social media accounts, download a pdf. map with her route, watch the dedicated video content, learn about GranCereal products and sign up for a weekly contest, with a chance to win a 3-day excursion in the same Greek mountains.

The campaign reached over 2,3 million users targeted on MSN, Skype, Outlook and other ThinkDigital properties such as kairos.GR, travelplanet.GR and greekcook.GR.

Have a look at the great campaign content here:

Campaign Website: www.grancereale.gr/thegranescape Download Case Study: Here See all our Case Studies: Here