Hi, my name is Maria and I am a movie addict! I love movies and, in particular, movies that include many different “sub stories” that are connected with each other in a unique way. For example, “PulpFiction”, “21 Grams”, “Lock stock and two smoking barrels”, “Crash”, “Cloud Atlas” and my favorite one, “Love actually”. By Maria Kazadei, one of the Digital Thinkers   But let me cut to the chase. The reason why I am saying all these is because you can easily compare this kind of movies with Digital Advertising. Think about it: the world of Digital Advertising constitutes of many different “players” (the sub stories), which interact in a very unique way. Examples of such “stories” are the sale houses, the demand side platforms, the advertising agencies and the ad networks. In order to be efficient in such a complicated environment, you have to not only understand the role of each “sub story”, but also to be able to understand how all these are interconnected. Thankfully, the members of the ThinkDigital Group were aware of this need, so they had organized an introductory week for the “Digital Thinkers Gang” in order to show us the “big picture”, not just the “sub stories”. So, you know, in the beginning we were like “What???” or “Can you, please, say that one more time???”. However, gradually, everything started to make sense. Like in the movies, in the beginning you try to understand each story separately and how everything is connected, but, in the end, everything seems clear –even though, to be honest with you, that wasn’t the case with “Cloud Atlas”... anyhow, what I want to emphasize is that seeing the forest is much more important that seeing just a single tree! There is one more thing I would like to add and that’s the outcome. Well, the outcome of this intricate process, which works its way across many different digital players, is that consumers come closer to brands or, to put it another way, the outcome is "connecting brands to consumers”. And for me, this is the most thrilling part in Advertising and Marketing! So what does Digital Advertising mean to you? Can’t wait to hear!!!