20 Jun 2013
Anastasia, Georgia and Maria were among the 244 candidates who applied for the Digital Thinkers apprenticeship program introduced by the ThinkDigital Group of Companies. And after excelling in the process of back-to-back interviews and competency tests, they were invited to delve into the exciting world of Online Marketing as members of ThinkDigital. It was an amazing experience. Not only for them (and the 2 co-DTs who were selected to join ForestView), but also for everyone who was involved in the program. Our Digital Thinkers were passionate, enthusiastic and worked hard so as to meet the goals of refining their skills and laying the foundation for a successful career in Digital Marketing.  Τhat is why all of them will continue working for the companies of the Group! Indeed, “the end [of the apprenticeship program) is the beginning (of a promising career)." So, now that the first term of the Digital Thinkers program is over, we asked them to share their thoughts and offer some advice to those interested in applying for the next class.

By Dannos Tsakalos, Marketing Manager of the ThinkDigital Group

What’s the most important thing you learned during your term as a Digital Thinker?

Anastasia_Alexopoulou_Digital_ThinkerAnastasia Alexopoulou: This is probably one of the toughest questions I‘ve been asked since I came here, mainly because I had to learn so many different things in such a short period of time.I am not going to answer something relevant to Digital Marketing, as I am sure that even if I was working here for years, the most important thing to learn would still have yet to come. Something very important for me, was working as a part of a team with very clear deadlines, having my own responsibilities and trying to meet both without jeopardizing quality or accuracy along the way. Georgia_Pappa_Digital_ThinkerGeorgia Pappa: There are so many things I learnt during the last six months. The apprenticeship program at ThinkDigital was way more than I bargained for. I actually got to apply theory to real life and real client situations.  This period of “learn by doing” offered me a chance to demonstrate my skills and, in a big-picture sense, it helped me figure out if Digital Marketing and all it entails, is something I would be interested in for the future. If I would have to name the most important things I did learn as an intern, these are creative collaboration and communication skills. I came to realize that relationships and interaction with people are very important in any business circumstance. The digital environment is very fast-paced and communicating clearly makes things more efficient and productive. This internship gave me ample opportunity to polish those skills. Maria_Kazadei_Digital_ThinkerMaria Kazadei: Well, for me ThinkDigital was the “real thing”. It gave me the chance to see the real side of Marketing Strategy, Positioning, Customer Orientation and everything else that I was studying all those years. I mean for years we read in books about different strategies that companies can follow, we perused through numerous case studies, but nothing can be compared with experiencing with your own eyes how a company can truly implement marketing and more. What’s your advice to the 2nd generation of Digital Thinkers? Anastasia Alexopoulou: Overall, I am personally glad that I was given such a chance, and I would strongly urge young people (in age, or in professional experience) to grab such opportunities. Don’t miss out on learning and working with experienced professionals, and never underestimate things you learn along the way, since it is not only theory you can learn but most importantly attitude, procedures and handling of others and yourself. Georgia Pappa: Taking part in an apprenticeship program can give you many positive opportunities to shape your future. It gives you a glance at the real world and a chance to network. Even though it can be often stressful, the experience you get is invaluable. So, my advice to people that are looking for an internship program like the one at ThinkDigital, is to go for it! Interning in a real-world setting can help you decide the right working place for you. In order to truly understand if you have chosen the right path, it is essential to get some experience under real work circumstances. Maria Kazadei: My advice to the next generation of the “Digital Thinkers” would be a little more general: “Always be optimistic, always be prepared and be yourself”! The next group of Digital Thinkers will join in Q4 of 2013. To be the first to find out all the details, follow us on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.