In the movie “Being John Malkovich”, the protagonist discovers a portal that leads literally into the head of the movie star, John Malkovich. Thanks to ICEEfest, you’ll get inside the mind of over 70 Digital Marketing experts. When? On June 12 & 13.

By Dannos Tsakalos, Marketing Manager, TDG

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you did pay a visit to the brain of the ICEEfest keynote speakers? If you could read their deepest thoughts on topics such as Digital Storytelling, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing,  Programmatic Trading and Native Advertising? If you have secured a place at next week’s mega event, just wait until ICEEfest opens its gates on June 12. If, on the other hand, you are still thinking if it’s worth the investment, here is a “teaser” with insights some of the speakers are going to share with the audience at ICEEfest.

In any case, fasten your seatbelt & commit to reading right to the end.

Mac Macdonald’s manifesto for Creativity

Many creative agencies claim that they are competent and capable partners in their client¹s success.  'Special' even.

And certainly assured in their own assessment of their abilities to help their clients navigate through today's complex, frenetic and ever less forgiving business reality.

They say they understand how to deliver true value, to wield commercial creativity with ruthless force, and diligent fervor; to valiantly set sail upon the sea of sameness, hoping somehow to wash up upon an exotic and uncharted shore.

They say these things with 100% certainty. We say 100% lies.

Because the truth is: we don't know. And anyone who says they do these days (regrettably) looks a little like a pantomime horse dressed up in a unicorn suit.

What if we stopped to reflect? Admitted we don't know exactly how all this will work out? That in fact we perhaps have no idea what lies ahead?

And that¹s perfectly OK.

What if we admitted that change is the only constant?

And that our only way forward is a fundamental and far reaching re-assement of the business we are in, a transformation for the better and for all.

100% we have the answer to this challenge.

Come chat with us at ICEEfest and judge for yourself ­ just which 100% that may be.

 Koen Droste on the need for social optimization

At Upcoming we have analyzed millions of articles that were shared on Facebook and Twitter in the Netherlands last year, and done lots of research and tests on how to boost the virality of our own content. I will share our learnings in my presentation at ICEEfest, but one I’d like to highlight is the importance of optimizing your platforms for the social web.

To give an example: many publishers are still very --focused on what their front page looks like. They don’t realize, however, that in the social age, Facebook and Twitter are your front page. This means the majority of traffic will be coming in at your article page rather than at your front page. So that's where your focus should be. At Upcoming, we spent 90% of our attention and testing to what happens on the article pages rather than at the front page. Currently Facebook and Twitter account for 70% of our traffic.

Josh Grau on the opportunity to embrace real-time Marketing

On Twitter every day is an opportunity for marketers. Whether it is mentions of a lifestyle routine, chatter about an entertaining TV show, reaction to breaking news, or expression about a live, commercial event, millions of users (and customers) flock to Twitter to discover content and join in billions of diverse conversations seven days a week.

Our opportunity -- and responsibility -- is to help brands and their agencies understand how to strategically and creatively plan for these conversational moments, and the talk at ICEEfest is aimed to help educate attendees on how to join in and #winthemoment.

Lee Odden on influential Content Marketing

Information overload numbs consumers to branded content, but 85% seek advice from experts and influencers for purchases. At the same time, most companies are challenged to create original, compelling content on an ongoing basis.

Luckily, there’s a way to connect with influencers and increase content quantity and quality. By identifying, qualifying and engaging with relevant industry thought leaders, ambitious companies can develop partnerships to create more of the quality content customers want.

Content that is co-created with influencers inspires them to share and gives your community new insights and practical information aligned with your business goals.

Ekaterina Walter on the critical role of Visual Storytelling

In the age of “infobesity” and increasing digital noise, Visual Storytelling has emerged as a strategy for not only standing out, but also for nurturing and growing vibrant and engaged communities. The ability to craft visuals or produce videos that inspire emotion and action is helping companies to be noticed and is amplifying their stories throughout those communities.

Consumers are faced with more messages and calls to action than ever before. With the adult attention span shrinking very year (now 2-8 seconds), in order for marketers to cut through the clutter, they need to focus on creating and curating the best quality content that offers value to their consumers and brings them into the conversation. And, since human brain processes visuals 60,000X faster than text and people love stories, crafting impactful visual stories around your brand will become a critical part of marketers' strategy moving forward.

 Odysseas Ntotsikas on the “Holy War” for Data

Data for advertising purposes is useful as long as it gives an actionable indication about a user in terms of: who he is, what his disposable income is, what kind of products/services he is interested in and what his propensity to buy is.

To put it simply, for advertisers and agencies, using the data in their platforms means better ROI. For publishers, it means bigger revenue and higher prices for their inventory (better eCPM). Not using this data is like selling the Holy Grail at the price of a metal cup. Data can be one of the saviors of Display Advertising especially as it blends with Programmatic Trading & Real Time Bidding. For, every impression can have incremental value when it comes with consumer data indications.

Are we ready to fight this “Holy War” together or (to use a famous Monty Python quote) “are you suggesting coconuts migrate”?

Nick Sohnemann on the real meaning of disruptive innovation

We arrived in the age of digitization not only for private life, but also for businesses. New technology is changing and bringing up new business models. Innovation cycles are shortening.

In my keynote and workshop we will especially focus on the shopping world of the future. We all heard about disruptive innovation – but what does it really mean? How can you use innovation to outperform your competitors? If you are serious about innovation, you have to live and breathe it – you cannot stay in the old world.




Alex Diakomanolis on the endless possibilities of Experiential Marketing

We are living in a time, where new Digital Marketing tools & platforms emerge at an ever increasing rate, fueled by crowd funded start-ups and major corporations competing to develop the next new game changing device or technology.

At the same time, the online audience is becoming increasingly fragmented and ever harder to engage with.

Brands today tend to engage with audiences focusing on the volume of target audience impressions. Experiential Marketing involves engaging with consumers in a manner that enables them to feel the brand versus just being exposed to it.

An experience has much more impact than exposure. We are used to pushing out messages and telling stories. Now we ask our audience, for the first time, to become part of those stories, enabling us to create a deeper and more genuine connection with them.

In a recent national US survey, eighty percent said they prefer brands that "do more to interact" with them over those that "just advertise" to them.  Seven out of 10 shoppers say they'll share a brand experience through Social Media and other means of sharing. Four in 10 say they'd "like" a brand on Facebook, and one in four will post comments on a social networking site.

Welcome to the new world of Experiential Marketing, where the old rules no longer apply. When it comes to engaging with consumers, it’s becoming increasingly evident that there’s no substitute for a real experience.

This is a great time to be in interactive digital media. With such a wide array of tools at our disposal the possibilities are endless.

Are you ready to quantum leap your business? As leadership expert and writer, Robin Sharma, says:
Investing in learning and knowing more and elevating your productivity, performance and acumen, is not a cost. It’s an investment.

Indeed, ICEEfest is the event that will inspire you and help you achieve better results and realize your business goals. For, it is a unique celebration of inspiration, networking and knowledge-sharing.

So, go ahead and snap up your ticket by clicking on Now. For, it is only a matter of time before the event is sold-out!

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