10 Aug 2016
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During May 15th – June 30st 2016, ThinkDigital Romania executed for WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) a campaign that had the objective of raising awareness on the fact that, at the end of this year, the European Commission and the Environment Council will decide over the revision of the „Natura 2000” directives, regarding the protected species and habitats and the sustainable use of the natural resources.

So far, over 623.000 people accessed the 15 microsites in 18 european countries, and the 61.500 unique users created each, one „song” with sounds of nature. Overall, there are over 13 days of „digital symphony” meant to draw the attention on the regulatory modifications that might negatively impact the environment.

“ « Turn up the volume of nature! » is the kind of campaign that any communication professional dreams of: it’s a heart-warming cause, with wide geographic exposure and with good outcome. I am glad that, together with ThinkDigital team, we helped  inspire the European Union citizens regarding the consequences of the legislative changes on the environment. Throwing an eye on the results of the campaign, we seem to have reached our goals”, stated Gabi Bartic, Creative & Strategy Director, ThinkDigital Romania.

Next to the 15 microsites, ThinkDigital Romania also created a video produced by Blockbuster Media and directed by Bogdan Albu. Throughout the campaign, a high number of public persons, artists, influencers and bloggers endorsed the message and spread the word in all the countries it was active.

Furthermore, the initiative generated public declarations of support from the main stakeholders. Thus, the Enviroment Ministers of Austria and Romania openly stated their position regarding the benefits of not modifying the „Natura 2000” package.

The international website of the campaign is active and can be accessed at http://www.wwf.eu/natureup/

Campaign video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XECujJYC-hI

About WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) 

Founded in 1961, WWF is one of the most important international organizations that runs projects dedicated to preserving the nature in over 100 countries. The global mission of WWF is to put and end to the deteoration of the environment and to build a future in which people harmoniously live with the nature. For further details: www.wwf.ro.

About Thinkdigital 

ThinkDigital Romania is part of Think Digital Group. TDG (Think Digital Group) is active in the media and online segment (through ThinkDigital), adtech and programmatic advertising (TailWind / Project Agora) as well as digital marketing (ForestView) together with important local publishers and major global partners such as Facebook, TripAdvisor, Skype, Shazam, AppNexus and Sizmek. The group has offices in 6 countries in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in the UAE.  In Romania,  ThinkDigital is the organizer of ICEEfest, one of the most acclaimed international festivals dedicated to the Internet that happens in the region.