13 Oct 2014

What does the new MSN bring to the table for advertisers and consumers? Frank Holland, CVP of Microsoft Advertising, has all the answers.

By Frank Holland, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Advertising 

A few days ago we were excited to announce the launch of the new MSN, bringing premium content together with tools to help people do more. Available at msn.com & msn.gr, the new MSN offers people a customizable, seamless, multi-platform experience with engaging content, services they love, and ways to help them do more with whatever device they use.

Boasting an audience of more than 425 million people across 50 countries, MSN has long been an essential part of peoples’ online lives. Reimagined for a mobile world, the new MSN will help people around the world to connect with the content that most interests them, while, at the same time, help them make the most of every minute. Whether it is reading the latest headline from the New York Times, browsing through recipes, or checking the score for their favorite team, the new MSN is designed to be a helpful companion on any device, Windows, iOS or Android.

For brands, this means unprecedented access to a loyal audience on a single, personalized, premium platform that combines the massive reach of the web with the deep engagement of applications across all mobile operating systems. And advertisers will enjoy added buying simplicity with the familiar MSN standard ad mix:

  • PC Web
  • Mobile Browse
  • Tablet & Windows
  • Native Mobile Apps
It's Premium.

The New York Times. Wall Street Journal. Yomiuri. The Guardian. NDTV. Le Monde. Globosat. These names are a small sampling of the over 1000 publishers bringing MSN readers the best content from around the globe. Readers can engage with content from 11 sections including sports, news, health and fitness, money, travel and video.

It’s Productive.

Your MSN home screen is now integrated with Skype, Outlook.com, Facebook, Twitter, OneNote and OneDrive. Fans can check the latest stats from over 300 global sports teams, while they Skype with friends, family or co-workers – all the information they want is one click away on their MSN home screen. And it is not just information, as personal productivity tools like shopping lists, flight status and savings calculators are available to sync across devices.

It’s Platform Ready.

The new personalized MSN experience lets content shine no matter where it is accessed from. In the coming months, MSN will release a suite of MSN applications across Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, offering brands an immersive experience to engage their customers. And just like the MSN web experience, once a customer’s preferences are set, they are consistent across devices and platforms.

For advertisers looking to tell their story throughout a person’s day, Microsoft’s unified presence across screens enables brands to share the consumer’s journey. We’ve kept the process of buying ads on the new MSN simple – brands can still enjoy ease of purchasing through similar IAB standard units available on previous versions of MSN.

With premium content and productivity tools delivered across screens, we’re excited about the opportunities the new MSN provides for brands to meaningfully connect with audiences. I encourage you to try the new MSN for yourself at MSN.com & MSN.gr to see how we’re marrying exciting content with tools to help people do more.

This blog post is part of a series dedicated to the launch of the new MSN. Explore the new MSN.com & MSN.gr and peruse through the next post, which was prepared by Dimitra Letsa, MSN & MSN Apps Market Lead Greece, Microsoft.