Are you grumpy at work? Do you feel like you’ve been working for many hours when you’ve only worked for just one or two? Do you go to work in the morning and do not want to talk to anyone either because you have so many things to do or because you already feel so tired (if that’s the case because you haven’t had your coffee yet, no problem, I understand!)? If the answer is "yes" to all or some of the above questions then “Houston we have a problem!" By Maria Kazadei, one of the Digital Thinkers It’s 8:00 p.m. and I think it’s time to leave. I haven’t planned anything for tonight, so I’ll just go home, eat and probably fall asleep with a book in my arms. I turn off my computer, pack my things and just before I leave I just take a look around. Some of my colleagues have left already, but most of them are still working. However, I have never heard anyone complain about his/her workload. On the contrary, even after working for long hours they have the time and they are in the mood to crack jokes that make everyone in the room laugh. What I am trying to say here is that the work environment can really change your everyday life. If you work in a healthy and pleasant environment, your mood after work will be more cheerful and you are likely to be more productive too. However, there is one thing that everyone should have in mind. The work environment is you and me and all of us that co-exist and collaborate in the same company. We are the ones who affect the work atmosphere, as well as develop the culture of a company (always based on the values of each enterprise). So! The next time that one of your colleagues asks for your help, don’t hesitate to say “yes”. Or, when you arrive at work tomorrow, don’t think “Oh, my god I have so much to do!”, but rather think “It’s a nice day today! I’ll start with wishing my colleagues good morning”. My point is that since we all spend a lot of time at work, this time is precious. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves to make the most of it, right?