18 Oct 2012
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Thinkdigital Group (TDG), the leading Digital Media & Marketing Group in CE & SE Europe, is proud to announce the “Digital Thinkers” apprenticeship program.   This new initiative, intended to educate participants and help them refine their skills on all things digital, will provide coveted 6-month placements for employment at the 3 companies of TDG, i.e. Thinkdigital, ForestView and Shopping Network.   The chosen candidates will have the chance to excel in the world of Digital Marketing, Publishing & e-commerce and gain an opportunity to continue working for the Group after the 6-month term. The first intake of the 6-month apprenticeship program will commence on Dec 3, 2012 in TDG’s Athens Office and will roll-out to the rest of TDG’s offices within 2013.   A day in the life of “Digital Thinkers” Dedicated mentors will be assigned to oversee the Digital Thinkers’ work, guide them, nurture them, and make sure they enjoy working digital. Among their key areas of exposure will be the day-to-day exchange with Media Agencies, Direct Customers, Publishers, the understanding of Management, Optimization and Reporting of Online Campaigns, and the development of skills in Project Management on TDG’s digital projects.   Who’s eligible? We are looking for candidates who ideally:
  • hold Bachelor/Master’s Degrees in Business & Marketing, Operational Research, Engineering
  • understand the meaning of terms, such as “ROI” & “CPC”
  • have excellent Microsoft Office Skills
  • speak and write in English like natives
  • are heavy Internet & Social Media users
  Are you up to the task?   Why to apply (if still undecided) Because, to put it simply, TDG is the leading Digital Media & Marketing Group in CE & SE Europe. The position offers 1) a great environment to learn about Digital Marketing, 2) the opportunity to put TDG on your CV 3) basic salary to cover expenses, 4) a full-time employment position based on successful completion of the program.   How to apply Candidates should send their CV to dt@thinkdigital.net by November 15, 2012. And one more thing please! Instead of a Cover Letter, you have to answer the following questions:  
  • You regard yourself a “Digital Thinker” because… (please complete the phrase).
  • You arrive 15 minutes early for your interview. What will you do?
  • You wake up, but you have no idea who you are or what you do. Still, you seem to be optimistic about the future! Please, elaborate why.
  • What was the last inspiring book you read?
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