07 Jan 2013
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The Thinkdigital Group has welcomed the first generation of “Digital Thinkers” who will participate in its 6-month new apprenticeship program. The selected candidates are Anastasia Alexopoulou, George Sykos, Georgia Pappa, Maria Kazadei and Yiannis Triantafyllidis, aged 24-29, who have been assigned to work for the Group’s units, Thinkdigital, ForestView and Shopping Network.


The “Digerati in the making” will be given the chance to refine their skills and lay the foundation for a successful career in Digital Marketing. Moreover, senior members of the TDG management team have undertaken the role of personal mentors in order to support them, guide them and make sure they evolve into true “Digital Thinkers”.


In total, within a period of 3 weeks, 244 candidates expressed their interest in joining the program. The level was impressively high, whereas equally striking was the diversity of applications in terms of academic background and working experience.


The first class of “Digital Thinkers”, whom you can “meet” here, will “graduate” on June 14, 2013.


Some interesting information about the Digital Thinkers

-          The average age of the first intake of “Digital Thinkers” is 27 yrs old.

-          All of them have earned a Master’s degree.

-          Their academic studies range from “BSc in Mathematics” & “MSc. in E-Commerce” to "MSc Investment and Quantitative Finance” and “MA in Advertising and Marketing”.


The Digital Thinkers