03 Oct 2011
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Thinkdigital has announced plans to further strengthen the company’s position in S.E. Europe and to enter the new markets of Turkey, Middle East and North Africa. The new plan, which was presented during the Annual Strategic Meeting of the company, is to be implemented along with organisational changes effective from the 1st of October.


Under the new organizational structure, Greece, Cyprus and Albania are to be managed by Alex Karageorgis who undertakes Country Manager responsibilities, Eva Christopoulou who is upgraded to Sr. Business Development Manager and Aggeliki Karakousi who is upgraded to Sr. Ad-Ops Manager.


Adda Kyrkili. as Regional Head of Business Development, Thanasis Chaveles, as Regional Head of Ad-Ops and Panagiotis Giannakouras as Regional Manager, will undertake the coordination of the regional development plan.


During his presentation at Thinkdigital’s Annual Strategic Meeting, the founder and MD of the company Odysseas Ntotsikas presented the vision of the company:  Since 2006, Thinkdigital has been a positive example of a healthy Greek company successfully doing business internationally. Our people, our strong partners and our commitment to effectively connect brands to consumers will lead the company into the next phase of its development.