04 Dec 2013
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ThinkDigital Hungary ran a series of customized roadshows for the industries of Automotive, Finance, FMCGs & Telecommunications. The objective was to provide the latest trends and share valuable insights so as to help clients take the most of Facebook in 2014. And, since ThinkDigital is the Authorized Partner of Facebook in the region, Marcin Brus, Head of CEE, joined the TD team in those meetings with key clients and their media agencies like Ford (Mindshare), FrieslandCampina (Initiative), MasterCard (Universal McCann), Nestlé (MEC), OTP Bank (Café) & Vodafone (OMD).


What became clear during the roadshows was that Facebook is no longer just a place to gather fans and engage them with funny, irrelevant pictures. For, nowadays, it can impact every level of the purchase funnel and has a massive reach. Only in Hungary, for instance, Facebook enjoys over 4.8 million active users and, thanks to formats like Newsfeed Reach Block, it enables brands to approach on any given day over 2.6 million fans.


ThinkDigital and the Facebook representative showed a Nielsen study of how advertisers managed to boost brand metrics like reach, frequency ad recall and purchase intent, taking advantage of the synergy between TV and Facebook. How did they do it? Simply by shifting 5-15% of their TV budgets to Facebook. Moreover, attendees had the chance to learn about how, for example, a financial advertiser invested on a direct response campaign on Facebook to generate leads for home mortgages.




Another key trend identified has to do with Mobile. Admittedly, up until recently it was merely a “buzzword”. Nonetheless, in 2013 it became obvious that the mobile “revolution” is indeed under way. For, in Q3 2013, 49% of Facebook’s advertising revenues came from mobile, owing to a 480% increase! And these numbers are bound to grow further, as mobile usage will continue to rise –on average, fans are checking their mobile newsfeed 14 times per day – and the new multiscreen Facebook Newsfeed ad format makes it easier for advertisers to engage with users.


So, what was the advice that M. Brus gave when he asked to sum it up during a meeting? Advertisers should focus where their audience is and, instead of measuring less meaningful metrics such as Likes, CTRs and clicks, they should have clear branding or performance goals for each campaign.