18 Dec 2013
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ThinkDigital, TDG’s influential media company, orchestrated a successful marketing campaign, to promote Microsoft’s Windows 8 & Office 365 products in 8 CEE markets: Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Slovakia. 


To drive awareness and ignite user engagement during the back to school period, ThinkDigital Romania used the consumer insight, which wants students to customize their schoolbags, to create the “Pimp your Schoolbag” Facebook Competition.


During the 1-month campaign, students were encouraged to collect points by decorating their school bag with various cool items.  The competition was promoted through a series of customized ads and sponsored stories, as well as relevant content on every local Microsoft Facebook page.


The campaign met the client’s objectives, as, among other things, it helped Microsoft grow its fanbase on Facebook by 36% and increase the number of trials of its 365 Office product to more than 11.000.  


As Nancy Nemes, CMO Consumer Marketing at Microsoft, said: “This was a challenging project, however the results exceeded our expectations and helped us cement further our leading position in those 8 markets.”