18 Aug 2014
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ThinkDigital has launched, in collaboration with Hit Yourself Consulting, “Celebrity Audiences”, an online communication platform that takes celebrity endorsement to the next level.

With 35 Romanian bands and artists already in the mix, “Celebrity Audiences” enables brands to associate with these artists and target effectively over 12m Facebook fans.

As Dragos Stanca, the Managing Partner of ThinkDigital Romania, says:

the original content produced online by artists for their fans is like a new form of media, which isn’t exploited by brands in a structured manner. Our initiative comes to meet the clients, the media and the PR agencies, and offer them a flexible and easy-to-use tool, a unique contact point and a standardized way of work.

Based on a recent study by Quantix Marketing Consulting that was commissioned by ThinkDigital and Hit Yourself Consulting, fans are open to ad messages posted online by their favorite artists - especially when these messages are spread via social media – and are more likely to appreciate the brands that support their favorite celebrities.

According to the research, the categories perceived by participants as being more relevant to artists are music, fashion, bars, restaurants and technology gadgets, however the likes of automotive, telcos and FMCGs were mentioned as well.

To find out more about “Celebrity Audiences”, check out this presentation and contact us at brain-ro@thinkdigital.net.