06 Nov 2013
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ThinkDigital, the Digital Advertising leader in CEE & SE Europe, announced today the launch of its full Programmatic Trading and Real Time Bidding offering. ThinkDigital aims to enable publishers and advertisers in the region to regain control of their digital advertising practice, increase their revenues, and significantly improve efficiency.

To stay true to the promise, ThinkDigital has partnered with TailWind, the expert Ad-Tech services company and preferred Appnexus partner in over 30 countries in EMEA.

Alex Karageorgis, Managing Director of ThinkDigital, said: “Programmatic Trading, a disruptive development, is forecasted to exceed 50% of Display Advertising spend within the coming 3 to 5 years. Publishers & Advertisers need to have a clear strategy and ThinkDigital aims to empower them to start reaping the benefits today.”

To find more about how your company can benefit from Programmatic Trading, please contact us at sales-net@thinkdigital.net and peruse through our blog post regarding the "next Digital Advertising superhero".