28 Jan 2013
in News
Thinkdigital has launched “Retargeting on Facebook”, a brand new advertising service which effectively combines the network’s massive reach and the unique features of Facebook Exchange (FBX) with Thinkdigital’s innovative Retargeting service.   How does it work? In a nutshell, it maps users’ recent activity on a company’s website and then reconnects with them by delivering timely and relevant advertising messages on Facebook.   And “Retargeting on Facebook” not only reconnects with users but it also does it in the most effective way. For, according to a fresh study by Triggit, “people are 240% more likely to return to your site after they’re retargeted with relevant ads on Facebook” and “60% of users see your Retargeting ads on Facebook within 1 hour after navigating away from your site”.   The service is readily available for clients in Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria and can be used either as a standalone solution or jointly with “Retargeting Advertising” in order to achieve even greater audience reach and results.   To find out more about how to take advantage of "Retargeting on Facebook", click here & contact sales-hub@thinkdigital.net