26 Sep 2013
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ThinkDigital chose Greece as the first market to launch ViewedAds, its brand new offering which enables advertisers to aim for their consumers’ eyes and reap the clear benefits of buying in CPMV (cost per 1.000 viewed impressions).   Based on recent research by Comscore, the average viewable rate for online ads is 46%. With ViewedAds, you will be able to not only pay for viewed impressions, instead of just served impressions, but also deliver 100% of the intended brand impact for your marketing message and optimize your campaigns on real data.   ThinkDigital offers targetable audiences across its premium sites and is the first company to offer these audiences in viewed impression format.   For more info on ViewedAds and why this the optimal choice for advertisers and publishers, click on http://thinkdigital.net/en/advertisers/Viewed-Ads/ or contact us at brain-gr@thinkdigital.net.