28 Nov 2012
in News
Thinkdigital introduces Retargeting Advertising Services to enable brands in Central & South East Europe to increase their revenues by reconnecting with the customers who have already shown interest in their products.   With an extensive online coverage, guaranteed by the wide local and international network of Thinkdigital, Retargeting is the ideal solution for advertisers and advertising agencies, who wish, among others, to:  
  • Increase the conversion rate for specific actions, such as registrations, downloads and actual sales
  • Maximize brand awareness and influence consumer buying traits
  • Detailed and de-duplicated Full Funnel Visibility across the campaign
  • Benefit from competitive rates and gain overall better ROI
  Commenting on Thinkdigital’s new novelty product, Adda Kirkili, International Head of Business Development, said: “More than 90% of your customers leave your brand’s page without taking any action. These people might be hot leads who have decided to postpone the purchase. Creating a solid retargeting strategy to reconnect with them can increase their conversion rate by as much as 30%. Thinkdigital is now empowering brands in the 6 countries we are operating in to do this in the most impactful way”.   To find out more about how to take advantage of Retargeting Advertising, click here & contact sales-hub@thinkdigital.net