30 May 2012
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Thinkdigital is the proud Silver Sponsor of Webit Digital Summit Bulgaria 2012 communicating and advertising its activities through Media Sponsorship support. The (Web) it! Event of this summer is dedicated to the Digital industry and its impact on the business in Bulgaria.


Webit Digital Summit 2012 will welcome about 1.500 visitors from Bulgaria and the near region to engage on digital, technology and entrepreneurship in a 2-day event, held on 14th and 15th June in Sofia.


Webit Digital Summit will boast 2 separate sessions:

-          Webit Digital Summit(14/6/2012): top world experts & local executives will discuss how digital, technology and social media have changed the way the businesses interact, sell, communicate, deliver, build branding and loyalty among customers.

Webit – Leaders of the Future Summit (15/6/2012): the Entrepreneurial Genie from the bottle will promote and boost the business spirit of young Bulgarians leading them to discover and enhance their entrepreneurial skills.