Over the last few weeks, numerous pioneering brands, such as Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Nespresso, Nestle & Pantene, ran in collaboration with ThinkDigital Greece a series of campaigns in Samsung’s Ad Hub.

By Dannos Tsakalos, Marketing Manager, TDG

Why did they choose to enthusiastically embrace Connected TV Advertising & how likely is it that other advertisers from across CEE & SE Europe will add this option to their mix?

To begin with, the Smart TV market is on the cusp of explosive growth. According to a recent article by “TNW” and a study by “Strategy Analytics”, global Smart TV shipments grew by 55% in 2013 to reach 76 million units. Overall, Smart TV accounted for 33% of total Flat Panel TV (FPTV) orders during the year and it seems that it could reach 44% in 2014 and exceed 70% by the end of 2017.

Therefore, with the penetration of Smart TV devices about to reach mainstream-levels, does this mean that advertisers have now a very promising platform up their sleeve? Absolutely! However, the surging popularity of Smart TV is not the main reason why more brands will, indeed, invest in this ad platform in the near future.

The key advantage of Connected TV Advertising is that it combines the best from the different worlds of traditional TV and Online. Think about it. This ad option…

  •  … offers real-time advanced metrics that are available only in Online Advertising.
  • … delivers interactive experience through the enhanced quality of Smart TV devices.
  • … respects viewers. For, unlike what’s the case in good ol’ TV, Smart TV viewers are the ones who choose whether they will consume the content and engage with it.
  • … enables brands to reach an upper class audience with high purchasing power and likelihood to buy.

Are you still in doubt about the potential of Smart TV Advertising?  Well, you shouldn’t be. For, the future is now & it’s connected. So, stay tuned for a series of case studies and keep in mind that Samsung’s ad platform is now available in Bulgaria and Romania as well.