18 Jun 2014
in News

Mediafax, Ringier and ThinkDigital, the three leading Romanian digital media players, have announced their intent to launch, in collaboration withTailWind, “Project Agora Romania”, an audience driven programmatic marketplace of premium local publishers.

The three parties together own or represent 75+ premium websites with more than 450m page views per month and an impressive monthly reach of approximately 4m Romanians.

The announcement about “Project Agora Romania” was made during ICEEfest, the major Interactive Festival in CEE & SE Europe, by Odysseas Ntotsikas, TDG’s Managing Director and Founder, who also commented:

“Local Publishers have long been the smallest fish in a fierce war monopolized by international giants. While the digital advertising spend has been growing, the local players’ share has been stagnant or decreasing. Publisher Alliances have been blossoming around the world as they provide the only significant way for local media companies to reclaim back their market share and regain strategic independence”.

Owned and operated by TailWind and powered by AppNexus, Project Agora is a network of publisher marketplaces across CEE, SE Europe and MENA. Project Agora’s mission is to bring laissez faire in advertising by creating trusted marketplaces that add value to advertisers while protecting the interests of local publishers.

“Project Agora Romania” is expected to officially launch in October 2014.