23 Mar 2011
in News
Mums prize the web for its convenience and its ability to help them juggle the demands of work, family and everyday life. From doing the shopping to organizing finance and providing advice for first-time mothers, the internet provides vital practical and emotional support and is a key part of everyday life for mums. Mums’ use of a range of web channels means advertisers have several means to reach them online: 94% of mums use email to stay in touch with friends, preferring this to texting and calling, while 45% use Instant Messenger, particularly popular amongst working mums. Online entertainment also provides an opportunity to reach online mums: 63% watch online video and 53% play online games. The web takes a lead role when it comes to shopping: 62% of online mums regularly use the web to shop for their household goods and 48% check price comparisons site before spending. Read the Report here.