This is not (just) a SEO trick; it really does have a point. There are some essentials in order to be “presentable” at work, even in a working environment with a casual dress code, as mine.  

By Anastasia Alexopoulou, one of the Digital Thinkers

You will definitely need a pair of -unisex- high heels, for example, for all the high stakes, top clients and great expectations. This is not a joke; you are going to wear them proudly and you are going to deliver. Also, I was thinking of mentioning at this point, a few good tips for bad hair days before work. But, alas, you don’t need them! Why, you might ask… because of all the hats. You are going to go through different hats in your career, in a single year, a month or even in a single day. For instance, you will wear the “insufficient” hat when you (and, typically, at least one more person) know that you could have done a better job, but actually didn’t -this usually happens when you take your high heels off. Or, you might try on your “aggressive” hat when you know you‘ve done a great job and it needs your defend. You will also need to bring along your “teaching” hat in case someone asks you to wear it for them, -and you will do this because, at some point, someone else wore it for you. There is of course the “talking-to-the-boss” hat, when you have a meeting with... (yeap, you guessed it) your boss; and there is a baseball cup for when it’s time to make a monthly, or annual or other budget planning. Of course, if this goes totally off track, you will need a helmet, but let's stay optimistic. That said, there will be certain people urging you to bring along other accessories, such as gloves, boxing gloves for that matter, but I don’t believe in over-accessorizing in the office. It will happen to you too, the day when the stress and pressure will have you going through hats like you are trying on outfits before a first date. On this particular day, remember that there have actually been dates when you made the worst possible wardrobe decisions and still managed to pull it off. This is to remind you to never go to work without wearing your best smile! So, how many hats to you wear at work? Or is your job into different kind of accessories? Which is your most peculiar work “outfit”, and when do you actually wear it?