Marketers have climbed highest mountains. They have run through the fields. Only to be with them. And they have found what they are looking for: The coveted attention of Millennials. But where are they really?

By Dannos Tsakalos, Marketing Manager, TDG

Millennials. Oh those millenials! For many marketers, the word instills a feeling of uncertainty. Daily, we hear that brands are struggling to reach this sought after youth demographic due to their always-on-the-go lives and natural tendency to multi-task. Throughout the day, this demographic is bouncing between apps on their smartphones, gaming and connecting on PCs, phones and tablets. They seem to be everywhere and nowhere. Maybe because it's them who still haven't found what they are looking for. Maybe. The thing is though, my dear marketers, that I've got some good news for you: "Millennials are on Skype!". Yes. And here is the evidence to support this claim.

According to a recent press release by Skype, in 2013 the Millennial audience grew by 28%, reaching 24% of 18-24 year olds worldwide.

I know what you are thinking: "While reporting an increase in users is one thing, actually engaging this ‘time poor’ generation is another." Absolutely. However, Skype users are deeply engaged with the product, averaging 30 minutes per call and 150 minutes per month, adding up to an overall connected user population that spends more than 8 billion hours a year on Skype.

So why are Millennials flocking to Skype? Here are a few reasons based on feedback we’ve received:

  • Skype enables Millennials to share their feelings and communicate with their friends in real time and in a secure environment, without the threat of public exposure. Over one third of Millennials on Skype state they use Skype to communicate with their family weekly, and nearly half of them use Skype to connect with a close friend weekly.
  • Millennials are on-the-go, and Skype is one of the largest mobile communication products in the world. Over 100 million Skype connected users access the platform through their mobile devices every month. This group has discovered a safe haven in mobile, favouring apps that allow them the previously mentioned benefit of personal security.
  • Skype is available on the devices Millennials use most. With availability across Android, iOS and Windows on phones, devices and PCs – Skype is available when and where the younger demographic wants it.
  • Video, Chat, Messaging.. millennials don’t just use their phones and devices to make calls. Skype users communicate and collaborate in ways beyond just video and audio calling. In fact, Skype is the leading IM mobile app in overall time spent in the US, where users spend twice as much time on Skype than Whatsapp and WeChat.

One example of how the intimate environment of Skype can be used to foster deep, sustained brand engagement in the Millennial audience is a campaign that was executed with the iconic lifestyle brand Vans, and their creative agency, Rooster Worldwide. Together they created a prototype, which gave two Skype callers the ability to simultaneously design a Vans-branded skateboard park during a video call, while the virtual design became a reality with the help of a team constructing the park in a studio. As a reward for creating it, the pair of Skype callers were taken on a customised video ride of their unique park with a Vans Pro skater (check out this video which shows how the whole idea comes to life).

So, with the sustained attention of the Millennial audience still today’s hottest commodity, brand engagements on a wide-reaching platform, which fosters meaningful, sustained connections, can really make the difference. Through Skype, advertisers have a platform that seamlessly transcends devices and allows sustained access to this cross-screen generation. It’s official: marketers can stand down the search for those elusive Millennials – they’re on Skype.

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Thanks for reading!