Positive thinking is one of Thinkdigital Group’s main qualities. Therefore, to welcome 2013 on a cheerful note, we asked our management team to share a few of the things that will keep them getting out of bed in the morning this year. Odysseas Ntotsikas, Managing Director & Founder, Thinkdigital Group What excites us the most in 2013 is the blurring of lines between PR, Advertising and e-commerce, as this is being depicted in several ways: From “Facebook offers” and Amazon becoming an advertising network, to natural ad-formats promoting e-commerce and the advent of Content Marketing as an integral part of any e-commerce strategy. Another exciting trend is the increasing appreciation of the real value of multichannel Marketing when done in a holistic way, harmoniously integrating online and offline channels to offer a seamless experience to consumers and maximize results. All three companies of the Thinkdigital Group have projects related to the above as part of their 2013 plan and we are very much anticipating to reap the benefits of working on these trends early on. Nectarios Charitakis, COO, Thinkdigital Group Traveling across the region and speaking with business leaders it is apparent that CMOs are struggling with how to unlock the value that is hidden in their data. Organizations have taken the first step by focusing on customer acquisition. Now the CMO needs to leverage all the touch points, data and metrics, and apply a razor-thin focus to influence and drive customer interactions. The danger is chasing “rainbows” rather than results by using the wrong metric. The ultimate metrics revolve around providing a high level of engagement with customers and driving improved sales. It’s an exciting time for our industry. We are here to help. Just ask. Adda Kyrkili, Head of International Business Development Challenging and growing year ahead! Experimenting, producing and optimizing in this speedily evolving global digital marketing world with “Programmatic Buying” coming into play, content pushing initiatives that make sense for engagement and Social Media being not just another layer but, perhaps, the basis for 2013 marketing strategists. Display has a new meaning and role with “Retargeting” and selected audiences; accountability, performance and creativity all interconnected. So, I am very excited to bring the mix to current and new markets the Thinkdigital Group is going to this year by simplifying, amplifying and adding value, and all in grace! Come onboard for a “fun, engaging and ROI” ride ;) Alex Karageorgis, Country Manager, Thinkdigital Greece, Cyprus & Albania Thinking about 2013 finds me looking forward to a challenging year with a robust team of truly exceptional professionals and partners who all share a common vision and aspiration with regards to Digital Marketing.  What gets me going every morning is working with such an outstanding team of people where the obvious, needs not be spoken, and great “business” things happen every day. This coupled with the opportunity to be part of an extroverted company culture and organization, where each team member gets to contribute to building a cross-border company, means that 2013 is going to be one more step forward to realizing our company vision: “to be, and be recognized as, the leading Digital Marketing and Media Group in South East Europe, connecting brands to consumers through effective advertising and innovative thinking, with an uncompromising passion to always deliver against our client’s objectives.” Thanasis Chaveles, Head of International Ad-Operations I am excited about 2013 because technology comes to be a powerful ally of our business. And Thinkdigital is there to welcome it with the experience and the know-how that has acquired all these years in this industry. A major application, “Programmatic Buying”, includes a number of different technologies and strategies to achieve the most optimal co-ordination, matching the right ad to the right audience at the right time without wasting money in useless impressions. It also enables advertisers to buy ad space in real time, based on the value that the consumer has on the other side of the screen for their brand. The landscape is changing. Stay connected... Robert Pefanis, Head of International Sales I am excited about 2013 because the digital advertising tsunami is approaching! Specifically, the demand for online Advertising is growing in the CEE region, as well of course, as globally. This poses a pleasant challenge to us at Thinkdigital, since we want to be one step ahead in the markets we operate in! Dragos Stanca, Managing Partner, Thinkdigital Romania It will be a tough, but exciting year. In Romania we’ll have to fight for a bigger "digital slice" in the total media budget and I am sure this will happen. At the same time, we are excited to see that more and more clients and agencies are investing more resources to get the best from digital campaigns. We strongly believe that our local and international mix of online properties will be a winner this year. Akos Szabo, Country Manager, Thinkdigital Hungary I am excited about 2013 because it is extremely interesting to be at the heart of the digital Marketing evolution in Hungary. With Facebook’s rapidly growing advertising solutions and the locally yet “untouched” opportunities of “Programmatic Buying” and MediaMind ad serving capabilities, we can now serve every need of our booming clientele: from building brand awareness to selling products online. Also, I welcome the challenge of once again having to lead a constantly growing team in a truly international environment. Liza Vasileva, Country Manager, Thinkdigital Bulgaria I am excited about 2013 because we are going to launch many new products. Our field is fast-moving and developing very quickly, and this pace thrills us because it allows us to provide the best possible products and services, so that our clients have the best possible outcome in their campaigns. Another reason to be excited is the great results we had in the “first for the region” Facebook Log-out Experience campaigns. And we hope that these results replicate also for other clients in 2013, as Log-out Experience is a great visual and engaging way to connect with the audience as they are ready to focus on the next thing at the end of their Facebook journey. Vanina Leka, Sales Director, Thinkdigital Greece, Cyprus & Albania, (and a... wannabe tanguera) Now that 2012 is past us and we are still “bold and beautiful” having survived the economic crisis and the subsequent “nervous breakdown”? Well, I am truly, deeply excited about 2013 because our new Sales approach is designed to build optimism and follow the global, digital trend of Premium Advertising, which urges Sales teams to deliver Marketing solutions to end-clients rather than selling Media. And though they say “it takes two to tango”, I am grateful to have the team of “Fantastic 8” to guarantee delivery! Eva Christopoulou, Executive Producer, MSN.gr (and a... Diablo fanatic) Having survived the Mayan apocalypse, the greek economic doom & gloom and the fast-changing conditions of online Media in 2012, we all have leveled-up in stamina, dexterity and agility. Above all, I am particularly excited about our recent step of undertaking the content management for msn.gr and really looking forward to contributing towards growing our “AoE” both in audience and effective advertising solutions. Dannos Tsakalos, Marketing Manager, Thinkdigital Group Believe it or not, there are many reasons to be excited about 2013, but allow me to focus on just one of them: the advent of this blog! Yes, this is by no means a groundbreaking decision and the blogosphere is indeed over-saturated. So, why is this blog important –at least for us? Because, to put it simply, it gives us the opportunity to write about things we love, about things… digital such as trends and best practices in Online Marketing, innovative ad products, Creativity, Social Media & Branding. Is it going to be interesting and thought-provoking enough? Well, we’ll do our best and we promise to update it regularly so as to get the conversation going. Because, after all, it’s the interaction and the engagement that matter the most, don’t you agree? Therefore, we would appreciate it if you too were kind enough to share some of the reasons why you may be excited about 2013! ;)